There are 3 components we believe are necessary to see this vision realized.

  1. We need to reach young people with the gospel.   Sadly, there not any young people in many of the churches throughout Japan. But to see the church grow, we need to reach the next generation.  In addition to offering children’s ministries and outreaches, our vision is to locate new church plants near colleges so that student ministry is a part of the church from the beginning.  We want students be able to walk into a church community and receive love and concern during those important years of preparing for the future both in vocation and relationships.  Students today are searching for meaning and purpose—we know they can find it in the Gospel and we want to prioritize sharing it with them.
  2. We believe church planting is God’s primary tool for reaching a society with the Gospel.  We believe CP is the way to leave a lasting witness to a community and city.   Churches where we gather to worship, to study, to fellowship and to pray.  Gospel churches go deep, so we need to provide all the richness of gospel community:  small groups, discipleship, counseling, worship arts, children and youth ministry, mercy ministry.  It takes time to really thrive as a community of believers in Japan—church planting is a long, hard work, but a vital one, because God has chosen the church to be his light in this world.  We are committed to church planting because we believe God loves the church.
  3. We know training opportunities for future leaders is a key to growing the church.  Our vision is to provide internships for young people to discover their calling and to strengthen their spiritual gifts.  Our hope is that some college students who come to Christ will become interns in our college ministry—reaching back to other students with the hope of the Gospel.  These internships will include discipleship and training to help students discern how God wants to use them in his kingdom work in the future, whether as full time Christian workers or as missionaries in the marketplace.  Our team was part of starting a seminary in Nagoya—now our hope is to flood the school with students preparing to serve Christ wherever he calls.

Young people, church plants and training:  These are some of the essential components for creating a thriving church movement led by Japanese in Nagoya and beyond.