Our desire is to the see these communities of believers to be powerfully used to communicate God’s love to a broken world. Experience has shown us that church planting thrives where missionaries and Japanese work hand in hand.  Whether that is missionaries leading young Japanese interns, or experienced Japanese pastors leading missionaries, we work best when we work in harmony with our brothers.  Our vision calls for both missionaries and national partners working together in various configurations to start churches.

We are often asked about our needs.

“We need partners – partners of every kind”

Partners who will help fund both interns and trained Japanese to join our missionaries who are ready to start reaching out in three new locations.

Partners who will help us send interns to seminary, and see them prepared for future long term ministry.

Partners who will help us find ways to rent locations that are strategic for church planting in various communities.

Partners who will come and join our work…God’s work…on the Mission to the World Nagoya Church Planting Team.

Will you be one of those partners?


Partner With Us