Wayne and Amy Newsome have been enjoying God’s kingdom ministry in Japan since 1991. Over the years, they have served in various capacities on the church-planting team and in several churches. Wayne is the team leader, and since 1999, he has been the primary church-planting pastor of Nisshin Christ Church. God’s blessing has been poured out on Nisshin, and the church now has a thriving small group ministry and continues to grow. The Newsomes’ last few terms have been spent establishing a structure for ongoing ministry in Nagoya including a K-8th grade accredited Christian school, a seminary, and a network of church plants.

Over the next term, the Newsomes are looking forward to expanding the church-planting network in Nagoya by continuing to partner with Japanese pastors, lay leaders, and missionaries. They hope to see Nisshin Christ Church develop further and become the sending base for groups to establish new church plants in surrounding communities. They also continue to seek God’s will concerning the development of a counseling ministry to serve the community and church. By God’s grace they hope to see the kingdom expand throughout Nagoya, central Japan, and even the world.

Katelyn (10/30/90), Samuel (11/01/93), Mary Grace (3/29/96), Sarah (4/19/98), Joshua (10/03/00)

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