Several large universities can also be found in Nagoya including Nagoya University, Nanzan University, Chubu University, and Chukyo University. Because of these institutions, there are over 50,000 college students living in Nagoya.

“The gospel tells them that they are not alone, that God accepts them and has experienced their troubles. They know they can appeal directly to Jesus.” Amy Newsome, MTW Nagoya

In the Spring of 2012, Kaji Uechi, a former college student at Gaidai University of Foreign Studies (located within a mile of Nisshin Church) and a member of Nisshin Church, along with MTW short-term missionary, Jake Gee, began a new college ministry outreach at Nisshin Church. Along with help from short-term summer teams from the States, the ministry has been blessed by God and is currently ministering to an average of 70 college students from 3 college campuses, Bible studies are in their initial stages, and students are beginning to profess a genuine faith in Christ. The work of college ministry is vital to the church planting movement in Japan, providing a pipeline for future seminary students, pastors, lay leaders and missionaries for the Japanese Church, both locally and abroad. It is also vital for the renewal of established churches with an aging clergy and a tendency to remain insular and self-protective.

Currently, our team has a special connection and partnership with The Crossing Church’s Veritas Ministry in Columbia, MO. For the past two years, this wonderful ministry has helped us jump start our college ministry and build momentum in Nagoya as we seek to reach college students for the gospel. They have sent numerous staff workers along with over thirty students for 8 weeks each summer. If you would like more information on how your church could partner with us in creative ways like this, please feel free to contact us!

Please continue to pray for the advancement and progress of God’s gospel in the Nagoya area and for our college students to come to a living and saving faith in the Lord Jesus – for the sake of the gospel, Japan, and our local Japanese church communities that are tied to our church planting efforts. As the universities and the individual lives of students are transformed by God’s grace throughout Japan, so the culture will go – so the future of the Japanese Church will go.