Teaching Conversational English classes over time has proven to be a very effective means of evangelism in Japan.
For many Japanese, their first contact with a church or entrance through the church door has been through Conversation English Classes. Our Nisshin Open House English program is structured to provide opportunities for Japanese to come in contact with God’s people and God’s word. It is one of the ‘stepping stones’ by which Japanese can become more familiar with the Bible and with Christians in general. We have seen Japanese initially come to the church through the English classes and eventually get involved in a Japanese Bible study and come to faith! God is using teaching English as a way for us to serve the community and to build His church!

Ideally we like to have a church member or Japanese Christian as part of the English class as well. The classes provide opportunities for Japanese Christians to engage their peers and share their faith in a very relaxed setting.

Recently, we have also had the privilege to start a Kids Brown English Program to serve the mothers and children in our area. Kids Brown English is a comprehensive language education program designed from education scholars at Brown University. Kids Brown English, provides a very fundamental and replicable approach by meeting the desire of many Japanese for their children to learn English. It has opened many doors for the gospel to reach not just children, but entire families in our community. It has also created an avenue of ministry for our local congregants to reach out in love to their neighbors in a very tangible way by serving the needs of our community. Kids Brown English has also inspired a group in our midst to travel to the States for home stays where they will work on English learning, culture exchange and participate in local church communities for a couple of weeks in the Summer.

The English classes also provide a way for short-term volunteers to come to Japan and assist the Japanese church and Church Planting Team without any need or ability in speaking Japanese.

We are always interested in hearing from others whom God may be leading to be a part of this important ministry in Japan.